PA Educational Tax Credits

Conestoga Christian School, in harmony with the home and church, seeks to provide a quality educational program for Preschool – 12th grade students in an environment which develops critical thinking, nurtures Christ-like character, and equips students for a life of discipline and service.

Often the primary hurdle preventing families from enrolling their students in a private Christian school such as ours is finances. We help to reduce the size of this hurdle by offering tuition assistance to our families.

Tuition aid is funded in part by businesses that participate in the PA Educational Tax Credit EITC and OSTC programs and have designated Conestoga Christian School as a recipient of those funds. As a business that supports Conestoga Christian School through the Pennsylvania Educational Tax Credit programs, YOU can help us fulfill our passion to make our school affordable to as many families as possible.

Since 2012 God has prompted and enabled 34 local businesses to contribute a little over $1 million in Pa Educational Tax Credit funds (EITC and OSTC) to Conestoga Christian School. We praise God for these funds and want to thank each of the businesses that have supported us in this way. They have helped enable students of many families attend Conestoga Christian School during this time period.

We are confident enrollment would increase if more funding was available for aid. Each year we typically have two or three families who cannot attend Conestoga Christian School because the financial aid offered to them is inadequate. If additional PA Educational Tax Credit money was available, these students would be able to attend.

PA Educational Tax Credits


What are they?

PA Tax Credits are available to eligible businesses that contribute to a Qualified Scholarship Organization.


Who can apply?

Pass-through entities, such as S-Corporations, Partnerships, LLCs, LLPs, etc; and C-Corporations; Sole Proprietors and Individuals may be able to participate through Special Purpose Entities.



New applicants must register typically on July 1.


Benefit to you?

Increase your charitable contributions at minimal cost.

Direct your state tax dollars to an organization you believe in.

Multiply money for the Kingdom. – Matthew 25:14-30

Lay up for yourselves treasures in Heaven. – Matthew 6:19-21


Who benefits?

Christian families longing to provide a Christian education for their children but in need of financial help to do so

Contact information:

Please contact CCS Business Manager, Mark Detwiler for assistance with general questions, contacting a participating business owner, and understanding our school’s current needs.

(610) 286-0353, ext 405;


ACSI Children’s Tuition Fund, Catherine Long

(717) 285-3022; Email:


Faith Builders Scholarship Services, Vivian Mast

(814) 789-4518, ext 225; Email:


PA DCED (Pa Department of Community and Economic Development)

(866) 466-3972

A Testimonial...


When I began to understand the Pennsylvania EITC and OSTC programs, I couldn’t help but be reminded of the parable of the talents. In Matthew 25:14-30, when given the opportunity to multiply money for the kingdom, the master was pleased most by the faithful service of the servant who doubled the money entrusted to him. I view these programs as similar opportunities.


I had the accounting firm that our company utilizes run some scenarios for me based on past contributions. I was surprised when I found out that in the best-case scenario, my net cost of an EITC or OSTC contribution was only 6.7%! As an example, if I was to give $100 to the program, my cost would be $6.70 to do this. The best-case scenario assumes that the pass-through income is there to take advantage of all of the available tax credit. In the worst-case scenario my net cost of an EITC or OSTC contribution would be 45.3%. This still gives me the opportunity to more than double my money as a contribution to the program. The worst-case scenario assumes that the pass-through income is limited and therefore most of the tax credit    is unavailable.


The PA state tax doesn’t go away, but the EITC and OSTC programs allow us to directly put our taxes to work for the Kingdom of God. We see value in these programs and hope to be able to utilize them for many years.


Best regards,

Anonymous Donor