An Update on Our Campaign

What has happened since we launched our Capital Campaign, Growing in Faith Together?

We have:

  • Hosted various meetings and created informational materials to share the vision of Conestoga Christian School's building project. To date the school has spent $18,694 on Campaign expenses.

  • Purchased 4 acres of land adjacent to the school to increase the amount of pervious land the school owns and therefore allow a new building to meet the impervious township requirements as it relates to constructing a new building. The cost to purchase the 4 acres of land was $104,313.

  • Hired a general contractor (Horst Construction) to begin the Pre-Construction Phase of our project. In the Pre-Construction Phase we will hire an architect, civil engineer, electrical contractor, and plumbing contractor to construct documents to submit to the township for approval. The cost of Pre-Construction is $173,295.  To date we have $121,590 in the bank that will be used for Pre-Construction expenses, and we have $100,000 pledged from businesses over the next 2 years.


What has changed in the building design since we launched in 2018?

Phase 1 of our Campaign has changed. Phase 1 will be the construction of a new gymnasium that will give us 10,594 square feet of educational and athletic space. The new gymnasium will allow for elementary PE classes to have their own space as well as the Fine Arts Department and Athletic Department to have their own spaces.

What is our plan to move forward?​

  • God's timing is perfect; we will wait on Him. "The heart of man plans his way, but the Lord establishes his steps." (Proverbs 16:9)

  • We will praise God for His provision of what we have raised and wait on Him for the monies needed to move from Pre-Construction to Construction.

God's timing is.jpg

How to Partner With Us

Conestoga Christian School has developed various levels of support whereby family, friends, alumni, and
businesses can all join this effort. Each level offers traditional and creative options, many with tax advantages depending upon the donor’s circumstances. Some naming opportunities exist for major gifts. And some high-value, low-interest loans will be considered as an aspect of accomplishing the project. The capital campaign is designed for a 3-year collection period, with additional considerations given to major gifts and loans.