Elementary School at CCS

Elementary school at CCS this year will not include all of the events and special activities that would be enjoyed by students in "non-pandemic" school year. We trust the Lord and His will and timing and look forward to resuming our traditional Jr. Cougar programming and activities when it is safe to do so.

The elementary years are foundational in establishing the biblical world view that Christian education provides. Elementary school at CCS is life-building, heart-growing, and fun! A school-wide Bible memory program starts at the elementary level with age-appropriate passages assigned throughout the school year. Bible instruction occurs at every grade level with opportunity to integrate biblical truth and apply biblical principles in a variety of settings throughout the school day.

Elementary students experience a comprehensive literacy program with the integration of language arts including phonics, guided reading, and book studies. Differentiated instruction in math with a focus on mastering the basic facts challenges students at every level. Elementary teachers emphasize hands-on projects and classroom presentations.


Elementary teachers look for ways to encourage multi-age interaction and cooperative class experiences. Fourth and fifth graders participate in Adventure Days where subjects are integrated with a focus on a topic chosen especially for that week. The week ends with a showcase to which families are invited to come and view the accomplishments of the students.


Elementary "Specials"

Elementary academics, K-5, are complemented by specific instruction in art, music, Spanish, and physical education. Third through fifth grade students receive computer instruction. Each music class is given the opportunity to perform as a part of the school-wide Christmas program. As the elementary choir, fourth and fifth grade students also enjoy presenting a musical or concert each spring. 

Through our Music Conservatory, students have the opportunity to take individual or small-group instrumental lessons during the school day. A school band is available for interested students. Several performances are scheduled during the school year.


Some extra-curricular activities for elementary students include soccer and basketball clinics, Science Explorers, Jr. Cougars Running Club as well as other offerings unique to each academic year.

A field day at the end of the year provides the students with the opportunity to have fun and to demonstrate physical skills developed throughout the year.

Elementary Chapel

Elementary chapels, which are held twice a month, provide a time for the elementary students to worship and praise God together. These times of worship are sometimes led by the high school or middle school worship teams. At times elementary students are involved in leading worship.


Chapel is also a time for the students to hear how God is working in others’ lives, as well as a time for them to be challenged in their personal walk with the Lord. This is done through a variety of presentations by special chapel guests, teachers, or the students themselves.

Elementary Mission and Service

Each year the elementary students join together for a school-wide missions and service project. The project supports a missions or Christian agency and creates a connection to the people or agency that is the recipient of the project, allowing the students to see the results of their efforts. This project may take the form of collecting money or supplies for a mission agency but is not limited to these efforts. 

Past projects have included raising money to purchase llamas for South America and large Bible pictures for missionaries to use while teaching villagers in New Guinea; buying soap, toothbrushes, and toothpaste at a special store on campus to send to Senegal with a doctor who is an alumnus of CCS; and providing over 100 pairs of water shoes for campers attending the Camp at Old Mill.

Individual classes have a missions and service focus within the classroom as well. Opportunity for hands-on service and sharing is an important component of this focus. Teachers may choose to have their students participate in a variety of missions and service opportunities that will enhance the classroom curriculum. These opportunities may include reaching out to a classmate who is ill or a family that has a particular need, putting together boxes for Samaritan’s Purse, or undertaking special projects on campus.