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Admissions Procedures

Admissions Director

Michelle Parris

610.286.0353 ext. 402



Admissions Procedures

1. All families (Preschool - 12) are asked to complete the CCS Online Application

  • Students in grades 1-12 submit copies of standardized test scores (when available) and the most recent report cards. (These can be physical copies sent to the admissions office, or they can be scanned and uploaded during the online application process.)

  • Students in grades 6-12 are required to provide two recommendations: one from a church leader; one from another unrelated adult. The online application asks for the email addresses of the referring individuals.

  • A  student application is part of the online application process for students in grade 9-12.

  • Homeschooled students may be asked to present other evaluative materials and/or portfolios.

2. Academic assessment is also a part of the application process.  The Director of Assessment and Reporting conducts this

    assessment of each student applying for enrollment. 

3. Once the Online Application, report cards/testing information, and indicated recommendations  have been received and academic               assessment has been completed, a Family Interview is scheduled with the parents, student(s) applying for enrollment,
    and the Admissions Committee.

  • The Admissions Committee is comprised of the Head of School and the Principal of the school to which the student(s) is (are) applying.

  • Families can expect this conversation to last up to 60 minutes.

  • Every effort is made to conduct the Family Interview within two weeks of receipt of completed application materials. However, this schedule may vary.


4. Following the Family Interview, the Admissions Committee reviews the completed application forms, the interview reports, and

     testing results to make a final admissions decision.

5. The Admissions Office notifies families of the decision.

6. Once the school has made an offer to enroll, students are considered “enrolled” upon completion of the Online Enrollment Form 
     and the per child enrollment fee.


7. Additional arrangements are then made for tuition payment, bus transportation, receipt of immunization and health records, and

    transfer of permanent school records.

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