Nine Ways to Reduce Tuition

1. NEW FAMILY DISCOUNT — Every family receives $1,000 per student for each new student enrolled in grades K-12 the first year the family is at CCS.

2. NEW FAMILY INCENTIVE — Current families who refer a new family to CCS receive a $600 tuition credit when the family enrolls and their children attend classes.

3. PRESCHOOL TO KINDERGARTEN INCENTIVE — Families whose child(ren) attend the CCS preschool and enroll in kindergarten receive a $1,000 tuition credit.

4. KINDERGARTEN THROUGH 5TH GRADE INCENTIVE — For every full year a child attends CCS, Kindergarten through 5th grade, that family accrues $100 toward a 6th grade tuition credit. Families can accrue a maximum of $600 toward their child’s 6th grade tuition if they attend CCS from Kindergarten through 5th grade.

5. MULTIPLE CHILD DISCOUNT - Families who enroll more than one child at CCS receive the Multiple Child Discount. Discounts are applied from the oldest to the youngest child. 
6. INTERNATIONAL STUDENT HOST CREDIT — Families that host an international student for an entire school year receive a $750 tuition credit. The family also receives a host family stipend that is paid directly from the international student’s agency. Host family stipends vary depending on sending agency.


7. EARLY PAYMENT DISCOUNT — A 2% tuition discount is given to families who pay their JUNE annual tuition in full no later than June 1, 2016.
8. CHURCH AND MISSION AGENCY STAFF DISCOUNT — Families who are currently employed full time at a church or mission agency receive an automatic 10% tuition discount. If the family member is employed part time, the percent of full time will be credited toward this discount; for example, a family member working 50% at a church or mission agency would receive 50% of this discount – an automatic 5% discount.

9. TUITION ASSISTANCE — Families that demonstrate a financial need can apply for tuition assistance. CCS uses FAST (a third party organization) to determine need. CCS gave out over $120,000 in tuition assistance in 2015. Tuition assistance (K-12) is available for qualifying families. 

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